Our Strengths

At Unicept Data Ltd. we have strived to provide a unified platform by bundling up all network services to a tailored solution. With our in-depth expertise we aim to be above all the rest by thoroughly understanding the specific needs of our clients and building strong relationships, as it is our primary goal to meet expectations of customers worldwide while they achieve to do what they want online easier, faster and more securely.

We distinguish ourselves in the following two areas, hosting and the gaming industry as we have the competence to provide the best optimal solutions.



For clients looking to expand within the gaming industry we provide unrivalled support and advice that will cover all aspects of the gambling sector both locally and internationally. Our services covers everything up to class-type remote gaming setups, online bookmakers, online casino services such as poker rooms, whitelabels and much more. All of this bundled up with our DDoS Mitigation services, tailored Managed Services and our state-of-the-art datacentre facilities for you convince.



With the ability to meet any company requirements our state-of-the-art facilities, supported by our team of professionals, with their vast technical skills and expertise can get you started quickly, cheaply and safely. As a hosting company we provide a vast range of hosting packages such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud servers.

Giving you the full access to your hosting platform is essential as while you take your data into your own hands, our high performance servers will be available to you ‘on the go’ giving you peace of mind as the rest is closely monitored and maintained by us. The possibilities as endless, you can choose to host a vast range of software applications be it a website, mail services, cloud back up and much more. While not being restricted by the limitations of a physical server you will be able to scale your recourses as your company or project progresses.

We also offer different packages of collocated hosting services where our goals is to drive cost down and efficiency sky high. Lending the best industry-leading practices you can gain access to rack space, unrelenting security, cooling, power and bandwidth. With our fibre connected datacentre facilities we will provide you with full access and freedom to our datacentre which offers N+1 redundancy including UPS and backup generators. So contact us and we will get you started right away.