Unicept Data Limited, Boutique Data Centre, Cloud and Managed Services Provider.


to our state-of-the-art facilities!

Whether it’s a single rack of dedicated servers or a whole floor of data centre space we can tailor a solution that’s right for you, and that scales with your business as it grows.

Unicept Data Limited was founded in 2013 offering services ranging from co-location, shared and/or dedicated hosting, online storage, to professional managed services to handle all of the mentioned services. Built by a proven team of professionals, with superior hardware and solutions, we’ve grown to become the one-stop-shop for data services. Operating from a state of the art data centre within a central location in Malta, our passion for what we do transfers into what we deliver.

What do we offer?

It’s not a case of “one size fits all”!
Unrivaled technical expertise and outstanding customer support allow Unicept Data Ltd. to ease clients through all pivotal phases of any of their IT initiatives. Our dedicated team of highly trained and experienced team will provide you with an exceptional, single-source solution, leaving you to better manage time and resources on core competencies while we manage you infrastructure.

Speed, Reliability and Flexibility
Industry Standards and Certification
Expert Support
Tailored Solutions

our Services

What differentiates Unicept Data Ltd. from other service providers?
Our ability to offer tailored solutions and personalised service.

We go beyond the normal industry capacities to a more trusting relationship with our clients by providing first-rate, dependable service that our clients can rely upon for the competitive performance of their businesses.


  1. Data Centre Services
    Unicept Data Centre is built to the highest industry standards and provides a resilient environment with high levels of security against both physical and environmental factors for all your mission-critical operations. We guarantee an always-available hosting environment.
  2. Co-Location
    Our Co-location services range from high-quality conditioned space, power and network access, to, managed colocation including security and data backup services.
  3. Cloud Services
    Our Cloud services offer you the flexibility of having a reliable and affordable service that allows you to conveniently up-scale or down-scale computing resources and services to provision a virtualised cloud-computing infrastructure to suit your business needs.
  4. DDoS Mitigation Services
    Our On-Demand DDoS mitigation service keeps malicious traffic out of your network and allows only the real traffic through, scrubbing unwanted inbound traffic while being completely transparent to your application and clients.
  5. Managed Services
    Our Manager Services packages offer a wide range of support covering all IT essentials in order to run any business at any level. Our dedicated team is highly trained and experienced and will provide you with an exceptional, single-source solution while providing a ‘24x7x365 round-the-clock’ technical support.

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